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Stop finding excuses and evasions

Many of us are full of excuses, evasions and bad conscience about what we think we should do but we do not.

We find excuses for why we do not exercise, why we can not lose weight, why we are not eating healthy, or why we not do what we really want in our lives!

kronärtskocka”I have so much to do, I do not have time to workout”

”I’m too old, it’s too late to start”

”When I went down to 20 kg, then I can deal with my bad relationship”

”I do not know where to start,”

”I do not have time!”

”I do not have that education, so I can not … ..”

Yes, the list goes on why we not do it where we really want and are passionate about. It is often easier to sit and find a good excuse instead of looking at what options we actually have to make it where we want and crave.

The overthrow mental hurdle to find the desire and joy is performance anxiety. It’s so easy to look too much at what other people are doing and compare us with. Stop that! We are all unique, we all have different abilities and needs.

What we all have in common is that we have our own body and personality to nurture and care for. Finding exactly what you feel good, just what makes you feel happy. One day we will enjoy your stay and be in. Everywhere it is only we ourselves who are responsible.


Put away your excuses

So put all the excuses and evasions aside and take the time to change. I do not know your conditions, dreams and situation. What I do know is that there is always something that most people want change in their lives, large and small.

Add old habits aside, change your attitude, break old patterns and try something new. Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be. Do not think so much about what you want to start with.

Tie your shoes and take a walk. It may be the best start to the very new.

What is your most used excuse, you are now going to stop using?


Let nothing stop you – Throw all the evasions