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The source of your ability

Today, a small book recommendations. ”The Tao of Leadership” by John Heider

A book that I usually read randomly in, I open any page just a random. When you randomly turn a page in a book, is often what you need to read right then. It’s not a book I usually read from cover to cover.

It is more like a direction in my leadership. My own leadership in the first place.

”The Tao of Leadership”
Whether leading a group or live their own ordinary life need to be aware. You need to know what happens and how things happen.

tao of leadershipIf you are conscious about what happens if and how everything is done, you can act accordingly. You can avoid problems and simultaneously both mean something and achieve something.

Remember also that you are a natural process. Being conscious about how things happen involves being aware of itself.

Your life proceeds according to the same principle that governs all other processes. You are anchored in the foundation common to all creation.

That you are like anything else means you are normal. But be aware that one is that everything else is very unusual.

And you know how this works and universality is sane enough to act accordingly is the source of your strength, endurance and superior skill.

Consciousness or awareness is thus the source of your ability. Learn how to become more aware.



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See you soon