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Living a Laptop Lifestyle

Today there will be a flying visit for me here on the blog.

My suitcase is packed, the taxi to Arlanda is ordered into early tomorrow morning and I’ll go one week to Gran Canaria. Computer and camera are with, and little books – then I can manage.

Now I’m only away for a week. But sometimes a card miljöombyta very much worth it. Get some extra sun before winter strikes in earnest.

I’m at a stage where I want to examine how I really want to live my Laptop Lifestyle. And where will it in well to think and plan in another environment.

How my life living a laptop lifestyle is different from how safe you or someone anna want to live. But, that’s what is so good that we can decide how we want to live.

In the video here below explains a few members from the Six Figure Mentors little of their history, how they Livingstone A Laptop Lifestyle.


Do you know anyone who wants to Living a Laptop Lifestyle? Please share the link below to that person ….

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See You from Gran Canaria tomorrow night:-)