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Increase your efficiency

Working many hours every day is not always equal to that we get a lot done. It’s smarter to learn how to work smart.

It takes some planning and prioritization for us to know that we are the ones who have control over our own lives. That we learn to use our time in the right way and doing what we really want and need to do. A thing related to the other items. A prerequisite is to learn to work in a structured and to have methods which you can prioritize.

klocka copyWe all have 24 hours in a day. In these hours, we will work, spend time with family, working out … All these issues that we want and what we have been tasked to do.

Yes, all the pieces that are important to each of us. But, if we do not take our own responsibility for how we want it, what we choose to do it 24 hours a day. Yes, then it becomes easy unnecessary stress in everyday life.

Dare to speak up and deselect things, two major parts in daring to prioritize. To do it without feeling guilty both to yourself but also to face other important people in your life. It’s OK to say no sometimes, the things that you do not want to do, or things that do not fit into your schedule.


Stress decreases clearly our efficiency. There is much talk of internal and external stress. Stress-related illnesses are increasing in our society. We must learn to manage and change the situations and things that cause us stress.

Positive and negative stress

I want to distinguish between positive and negative stress.

The positive stress is often about a meaningful and pleasurable effort in which the body does not react with harmful stress reactions. That we are able to perform under great pressure which then converts stress into a motivator.

The negative stress is usually divided into – external and internal stress. The external stress is about what we have around us and created, among other things, by the demands of others and expectations of what we should perform. While the internal stress is created entirely by ourselves, our own expectations of ourselves and of the goals we have set.

Tips how to manage internal stress;

1 Change your thought patterns – focus on feel confident and believe in yourself
2 Recovery and rest – plan the hours and days on your calendar so that you take the time for it
3 Strengthen your self-confidence – by having procedures in place to write down everything you are performing and do, great and small
4 Make your behaviors and patterns – see how you put your time. What you are doing too much of? What do you do for a bit of? What implications does that make you? See how it all fits together
5 Learn to ask for help. You do not have to do everything yourself

Tips on external stress;

1 Be clear and take responsibility. It’s ok to say no to anything you do not want
2 Organize your week and your day. Get a good overview and have realistic mål.För people who previously hit the wall, this work is even more important. Planning, procedures, and regular follow-up is not only as patches but actually as pure healing.
3 Be aware of where your concern is, write it down you are worried about. Learn to see how your designs.

Become More Efficient

Stress is a contributing factor to the lack of time and poor planning. Stress itself can cause you to lose control of your time. When we are stressed we have less ability to think, plan and lay out the time in a sensible way. Too much stress makes you can not be bothered or you are able to deal with tasks as energetically as when you are relaxed.

A good way is to learn to be here and now. Do not dwell on yesterday or oros for tomorrow. Concerns also blocks the ability to listen and be present. Which may in itself was frustrating for the people standing next to me.

Learning to be effective requires that we are collecting and concentrated. Stress makes us ineffective. Efficiency is a rhythm to do the right things the right way. It’s also about self-discipline, to do that you must when you have to do it. This is also linked to your self-esteem and your self-worth; The better you feel about yourself, the easier it is to stick to doing what you decided to do. It’s about self-respect.

Tips for was efficient, you need;

do to today

1 Know what to do
2 Understand how to do it
3 Be calm and focused
4 Self-esteem to dare to do it your way at your pace
5 Discipline to do what you should do when you should do it



Efficiency requires both business and personal. Sometimes we may need to enhance their leisure time, perhaps the efficiency of home care so that we have time to engage in intimacy and fellowship with those we love.

See all your life that device to support each other. There are different parts of life, family – work – training – travel – home … .. All parts are part of the other parts, everything is connected.

Tips to become more efficient

1 Plan ahead your week, your day – ”The Most Important Task first ‘
2 Write down your goals – what we write down we take more seriously
3 Enter an over layer on your most important daily tasks -Work and private
4 Look at your data – how can you make them more efficient?
5 Making tasks in an intelligent and fun way
6 Stop and reflect regularly, have a helicopter view. Are you doing the right thing in the right order?
7 Get help if you need it – it’s ok to ask for help
8 Confirm yourself
9 Strive positive expectations
10 Imagine how you feel when you reach your goals. Use that feeling – when it is often strained due to some!

Importen topic

I will return to this topic. It is so important to me. Whether you are self-employed, getting ready to start something of their own, or if you are employed, it is an important topic.

For me, much of which work at home, it is important that I learn to organize and be effective in what I do. I would not waste my time on it that does not give me anything.

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