Välj en sida

A year that we can all do such a good year as we can. A year where we all can make the best based on on our own terms for us to feel as good as possible, so that we can achieve the goals we have. We’ll be there both for ourselves and those we have around us.

I finished in 2014 and started 2015 with a two-week trip to Malta. Today these two weeks out, and I will now pack up my things and get ready to go to the airport for a few hours. Two weeks where I have not done much more than walked and had a good time with my partner. Has accumulated energy for this upcoming year.

One year I look forward very much. Are right now full of energy, has many plans in mind, I’ll write it down so I do not lose any thought on the way.

Have a flying start the year with a 90-day challenge with a group of DEA, Digital Expert Academy. We all set our own goals in three areas: Health – Relationships – Business. There are things that we should do daglien, weekly or monthly. Everything we do we share within the group and support each other. A good start and a real challenge for me.

A year that I call ”Feeling Good Year”. Are you with me to make this year a year that will be good as we can ?!

My goal this year is to be much more active with writing, sharing with me and inspire you hanging with me here on the blog.

Now waiting for the suitcase to be packed. So, I share with you some pictures that I photographed here in Malta.


Feeling good