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6 ways to trick time thieves and get more out of your day

Each day has 24 hours, which is 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds if you rather choose to see it that way. Many times, wishing probably most of us that it would be several hours per day. Where does the hour road is thought enough of many!

# 1 routine Surfing – remove it

Studies show that we check our mobile over 100 times a day. 100 times !! And many adults complain that children and young people sitting for long periods in front of the computer. Many adults today have a compulsive behavior that we constantly ”must” check inbox and all the social media that we are on.

One way to cut down on this time is to try to pull down the time to let us say 20 minutes, either in a 5-minute workouts or at 1-2 occasions

# 2 more selective

Many people talk about how busy they are, while they rarely say no to a coffee break, or how many TV shows they actually follow.

Hand on heart – how you use your time? Prioritize what you really want to spend your time.

# 3 Wake previous

An extra half hour or hour in the morning can do a lot to get the day to get things done in peace and quiet in the morning. A moment who do good for the entire day.

Using the first hour that any type of exercise, a moment to read something that is stimulating and gives us a value, and a moment of reflection and planning.

# 4 Remove unessentials

Need anything really be done? Must it where the mail get answers right now? Do you really want to go on that date? If not, ignore it. You can opt out of things that are not important to us, and instead concentrate on what really matters.

There will be an unfamiliar situation for both you and your surroundings that you uncheck the things that you previously never said no to the past. However, it can be changed.

# 5 Focus on results

Available feeling of overwhelming? It’s best to create a plan, write a to-do list.

Write down everything, just everything that pops up. Then go back and go through what is urgent, what is good to get done and what can wait. Schedule it as your priority.

One more thing ….

The weight of words, the importance of what we say. What we say has greater power than we often think. What we say is our reality.

So do not say ”I do not have time”.

Remember – you are in charge of your hours – and your life.

What do you dream about?

So, now that you’ve created so that you get so much more time – what do you do with that time?

Try something new, like starting a business or travel? Or maybe combine the two, or something else that you dream of!

Perhaps you intend to live a whole new lifestyle! Laptop Lifestyle!

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